The Chatter Of Women Spirits

The first time I heard the chatter of the elder women spirits was back in 2011.

It happened one early morning as my mind was waking up to the first sounds of the day; a few birds chirping and the sounds of a few cars driving on the distant freeway.  Suddenly, I began hearing chatter of elder women speaking in Spanish in my mind.  It almost sounded like the chatter of women saying the Rosary, where you hear them but you can’t make out the words since they’re all speaking at the same time.

I wasn’t sure if they were communicate with me or if I just happened to tune in to their frequency.  Either way, I knew they were spirits from the other side and I didn’t want anything to do with them.   No offense, but I have no desire to speak with unknown spirits.

I tried shaking my head to get rid of them but they kept up the chatter for a little while and then they were gone.  A few months went by and it happened again.

But then on February 2012 they were back.  Only this time, I didn’t hear them in my mind, I heard them with my ears.  They were in my house!

Unfortunately, I happened to be in the hallway ladies room at the time.  No one was around so I had left the bathroom door ajar a little, when suddenly I heard women talking.  My first thoughts were, “Oh, my daughter is here and she must have brought girl friends with her”.  My daughter was coming for a visit so I assumed it was her.  But as I listened closely, I recognized that it was the same chatter of the women in spirit I had heard back in 2011.  I quickly shut the door and listened out.  I couldn’t believe it!  They were right outside the door in the hallway chatting away.  I was bewildered as to what they were doing here and what they want from me.

I finally opened the door and no one was there.  They were gone.  My first thought, “They’re getting closer!”

Then on August 2012, I began having lung problems.  What happened was that a few months earlier the city began a once-a-week trash pickup instead of the usual twice-a-week.  So with all the trash sitting there for a week, the foul stench got pretty bad.  I had to hold my breath every time I threw something in there.  My husband was going to wash it at the car wash but kept putting it off.

Sadly, one day I was in a hurry and went outside to throw a bag of trash and forgot to hold my breath.  I opened the trash lid and threw the bag of trash in and as I let go of the lid, the foul stench blew on me as I took a breath.  I accidentally breathed in the toxic air into my lungs.  I quickly ran from the trash can to get fresh air into my lungs hoping no harm was done.

But the next day or so, I noticed I was having a little trouble breathing.   From then on my lung problems worsened.   I was having more and more trouble breathing.  I kept hoping and praying my lungs would get better on their own until I finally gave in and saw a doctor.

The doctor ordered an x-ray of my lungs.  Afterwards, he read the radiology results to me.  He stated my lungs were hyper-expanded and that I had COPD along with an enlarged heart.  I was worried, but he did give me some hope.  He said, “Just because the reports say you have COPD does not mean you have it.  These reports are not always right.  Plus, based on your background, you don’t seem the type to have COPD.”  I mentioned to him the trash can incident, but he didn’t think anything of it.

He ended up giving me a prescription for an inhaler.  Although it didn’t seem to help me.

During this time period, I went from doctor to doctor.  I was given steroid shots, inhalers, plus had numerous test done.  Nothing was helping.  My lungs were hurting from expanding my lungs to get air.  I was getting exhausted from the struggle to breath.   I really felt this was going to be it for me.  I began doing little things to get things in order just in case.

September 2nd and 3rd of 2012 were two nights that I had trouble sleeping due to the insufficient oxygen.  By the night of September 4th, I was so sleepy and tired that I just dozed off and must have stopped breathing in my sleep, because the next thing I remember, my spirit left by body and sat up in bed next to my body.

Shockingly, I then heard the loud Spanish chatter of the women spirits as they surrounded my bed.  I couldn’t see them, but I could hear them loud and clear.  I was so frightened by them surrounding me, not knowing why they were there and what they wanted from me.

I knew I had left my body, although I didn’t go anywhere.  I just sat there next to my body wondering if I had died.  I didn’t see any bright lights or anything.   I remember thinking, “Shit, I can’t get to the phone to dial 911.  How can I hold the phone without my physical hands?”  I thought of my daughter, “I can’t leave her yet.  She still needed me and would be heart-broken and devastated if I left.”  That’s all I remember of that night.

Miraculously, the next day I woke up and I was back in my body.  I made it another day.  After that incident, I decided to make a trip to visit my mom and sister in Dallas, to see them one last time.  Just in case I wasn’t going to make it.

After the trip, I went in for a breathing test at the hospital.  The technician concluded that I had allergies.  She explained to me that when people get allergies, some get a runny nose, some sneeze a lot and for some the lungs contract and close-off when exposed to allergens.  Unfortunately, she said my lungs closed up when exposed to allergens.

I figured, well I can live with that.  All I need to do is take allergy pills.  So I began taking an allergy pill a day which helped me throughout the days but still with a little struggle to breathe here and there.  I had to stay away from perfumed items, cigarette smoke, animals, grass, and even the smell of cooking made it worst.

The year 2015 is when things really started getting better for me.  I began doing my own research on the internet on lung problems and natural cures.  After an extensive search, I came across Dr. John Bergman’s website on February 2015.  He got my attention after listening to his lectures on-line.  The things he said made sense to me.  He said the body can heal itself by giving it what it needs; the right nutrients, Vitamin C, water and exercise.  I finally could see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I began drinking 64 ounces of water day along with a package of Emergen-C (1,000 mg).  I tried doing a little bit of exercise to pick-up my breathing, since I heard that exercising expels toxins from your lungs when breathing harder.  I also spent more time out-doors to get plenty of fresh air into my lungs.

By April 2015 I noticed I had had continuous good days without taking any allergy pills.  I was able to take deep breaths and no longer had breathing problems.  It’s now June 2015 and my lungs are doing great.  No problems.

So far, I haven’t heard any chatter from the women spirits.  I never knew what they were saying or why they showed up.  Maybe they had heads-up on my lung illness and were just praying and watching over me.  I hope.






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