Third Time’s A Sign

Two days before Halloween, family members and I had decided to have a last minute Halloween dinner party.  We agreed that we would all dress up as ghost for Halloween.

Unfortunately, when my husband and I were out shopping, none of the stores had any ghost costumes, so we looked around for other options.  My husband immediately found himself a vampire costume and I was searching for a fairy or werewolf costume with no luck.  It was getting late, so I decided that I would continue searching on my own the next day.

My first stop was Party City.  As I slowly walked down the aisle looking for ideas, I over-heard two women in conversation walking by me.  I wasn’t ease-dropping, but I loudly heard them say “Spirit.”  I continued walking through other aisles and minutes later, I again heard someone else talking and they loudly said, “Spirit”.

My antenna went up and wondered why people were talking about spirit.  I thought, “Okay, if I hear the word spirit one more time, it has to be some kind of sign.”  I couldn’t find any costumes I liked and gave up, so I left.  I didn’t hear the third word “spirit” while at Party City so I put it out of my mind.

Even though I was giving up on finding a costume, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask God for a little help.  I said, “Father God, help me find the perfect costume for me.”

Yes, I know asking God for help finding a costume is petty, but nothing is too great or too small for him.  It doesn’t matter how trivial it is, you can ask God, the creator of all things, for help.  I do.  He might not always give it to you, but it’s worth the try.

Then, as I’m driving on the freeway on my way home, I was surprised of what I saw.  The third word “spirit” up on a huge Halloween store sign. The sign read Halloween in large black letters and had the word “spirit” below it small letters.  There it is, third time’s a sign!

This was the second store my husband and I had gone too the day before, but I hadn’t noticed the small word “spirit” below the big word Halloween.

Seeing the third word “spirit”, took me back around ten years ago, when I went grocery shopping at the grocery store.  I got out of my car and as I walked in the parking lot to get to the store entrance, I overheard a woman telling her husband that she felt like having Taco Bell.  The Taco Bell restaurant is located right in front of the grocery store by the street.  Then as I’m walking through the store aisle, I heard someone else talking about Taco Bell.  Lastly, I’m at the checkout register and the young girl who is bagging my groceries says to the checker, “Man, I’m so hunger, I want some Taco Bell.”  I thought, “Seriously, what is going on here.”  Perplexed about the coincidence of three separate people talking about Taco Bell at different times within the same store, I was coming to the conclusion that it had to be a sign.  But I was confused thinking, “I just bought a full cart of groceries, I don’t want any Taco Bell!”

As I’m walking back to my car, I can see the Taco Bell up ahead in the distance.  I was considering going in to get at least a soda, but it was a very hot day in the afternoon and I had ice cream and raw meats in the car, plus my family was waiting on me to cook dinner so I ignored the sign and headed home.

Up to this day, I’ve regretted that decision.  I’ve wondered if maybe there was someone dining there that I was supposed to meet.  Someone of importance to my life.  I’ll never know.

So as I drove down the freeway and saw the third word “spirit”, I wanted no regrets.   I exit the freeway and went into the store.  As I walked down the center aisle, I came across the perfect Nature Fairy wings.  There was only one left.  It suited me so well since I love nature.  I was able to put together a Nature Fairy costume using a dress and green jacket from my closet that worked out so well.

I’ll always listen to the signs in life.

Thank you God!


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