Holy Miracles Book

9781452575148_COVER.inddIn this book, “Holy Miracles – True Short Stories of God’s Amazing Miracles” by Evangelina Casarez, you will find all my prior stories of miracles that I experienced before my blog.  The stories are breath-taking and won’t disappoint.  The book is a great read for all ages, young and old and in between.  You can order it through your local bookstore or Amazon.

These are the stories you will find in the book.  Unbelievable!

  • Mother Mary by My Bed
  • Hand from Heaven Held My Car Back
  • The Dark Cloud
  • My Elevator to Heaven
  • The Christmas Gift
  • Jesus Christ Blessed My Little Girl
  • Angel at the Pharmacy
  • The Angel Baby Sitters
  • Out of Body Experience
  • Angel with a Sense of Humor
  • Jesus Christ Walking on the Dry Grass
  • Angel rescued me from the fall
  • Archangel Michael’s Blue Light
  • An Orb came in through the Window
  • Saved from a Car Crash
  • Message of 911
  • 2004 Christmas Eve Snow
  • The Musical Orb
  • You Still Live On
  • Gnome through my Window
  • Jesus Walking Down from Heaven on a Dirt Road
  • The Cup of Coffee
  • The Little Nail at Church
  • The Gift of Myrrh and Frankincense

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