Jogging With An Angel

This sunny morning, August 3rd, I went for a three-mile jog down the street in my neighborhood.  There were a few vehicles driving down the street here and there, and with a few bikers that passed by, but I saw no one else walking or jogging out this morning.

As I’m jogging my first mile, I start thinking of the angels, especially my Guardian Angel.  He hadn’t been in my mind for over a week, so I invited him to join me on my jog.  Actually, I invited a lot of Angels to join me as I jogged in peace and quiet, for the exception of the occasional cars passing through.

I asked my Guardian Angel to please give me a sign that he was here with me.  Of course he doesn’t give me signs all the times, but I ask anyway.  I kept jogging and put it out of my mind.

Then on my second mile, all of a sudden, I heard the sound of someone jogging around four feet behind me.  I thought, “Where on earth did this person come from?  I hadn’t seen anyone out jogging.  I kept jogging and listening to the sound of the tennis shoes behind me as they pounded on the asphalt and grinded on some of the loose gravel.

I figured he/she would pass me up in a flash since I was jogging at a slow pace, but he/she didn’t.  He just stayed back there behind me.

I began wondering why he/she wouldn’t pass me, and so, I jogged even slower so he could pass me up.  But I noticed that when I slowed down, the sound of the steps slowed down with mine.  But this time, he was jogging closer to me, like two feet right behind me.  Way too close.

I thought it was a little strange that this person wasn’t passing me.  I didn’t feel scared at all.  Fear never entered my mind.  I was just curious as to why he/she decided to jog right behind me, so at the next home’s driveway, I decide to pull in a bit to let him/her by and as I did, I turned back to see the person to say hi and let him/her by, but to my surprise, no one was there!  Instead of saying hi, my mouth just dropped in disbelief.

I stopped and stood there for a minute confused and shocked as to what had just happened, but then I realized that it must have been my Guardian Angel jogging with me.  I mean, I did invite him along and asked him for a sign and I got it!

I continued my jog, but the sounds of the jogger were gone.  I didn’t hear them again.

Thank you for that my Guardian Angel.


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