My Sister’s Birthday

I should have written this post on August 6th, but time slipped away from me.

August 6th is my sister Blanca’s birthday.  She went to heaven on April 14, 2002, due to breast cancer.

I had her birthday in the back of my mind since the last week of July.  I didn’t want to miss it without lighting a candle for her or something, just to let her know that she has not been forgotten and that we still think of her.

Unfortunately, when August 6th came along, I had completely forgotten about it.

That morning I got in my car to run a few errands and the very first thing I see when I turn on the car, is the name Blanca, on the radio display.  The song I hear is “Who I Am” by Blanca.  I immediately knew my sister Blanca was here and I said hello to her, but it still didn’t occur to me that it was her birthday.

Later that afternoon, I was at my computer desk and I happened to glance at the calendar and noticed that it was August 6th!  I thought, “Oh my goodness, no wonder she’s here!”  I had totally forgotten her birthday!

I immediately stopped what I was doing and headed to the cemetery with her favorite flowers, white daisies.  Then back home, I lit a white candle for her and told her, “Happy Birthday, Blanca!”

The song on the radio that morning were signs from her that I missed.  I should have known something was up.

Just because people leave their physical bodies does not mean they are gone, they are still there in spirit form.  They can come visit with you at any time.  All you have to do is think of them and ask them to come visit with you.  They can hear you loud and clear.  They will leave you little signs of their presence.


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