My Guardian Angel’s Message on World News Tonight with David Muir

Pretty Girl

Occasionally, I get a call from my sister, asking if I’d go let her three dogs out of the house for a while since they’re kept indoors during cold and rainy days.

It was a cold day on February 27, 2015, so I went to let the dogs out for a while, gave them all snacks and brought them back in. I guided two of the dogs into the back bedroom where they stay. The other dog, Pretty Girl, is old and having hip and kidney health problems, so she’s been staying in the living room due to a shorter walking distance.

I stayed a while longer with Pretty Girl and I gently petted her as she lay on her mat and blankets.  It’s funny, every time I stopped petting her, she would pick up her front leg, as to indicate, “Don’t stop.” So I would keep petting her a little bit longer.

I finally told her I had to go and as I closed the front door to leave, I heard her whining which made me feel so guilty. I felt so bad leaving her, but I had to go.

Later that evening as I watched the ABC World News Tonight with David Muir, I could not believe what I heard. David Muir’s exact words, “If you felt bad when you left your dog this morning, a study finds that dogs have a short-term memory and they probably forgot you left.” Of all the days for David Muir to report on feeling guilty for leaving your dog, is the one day, I felt guilty for leaving Pretty Girl.
Must have been my Guardian Angel that was with me earlier that morning as I petted Pretty Girl and known of my guilty feeling and decided to send me a message.

Pretty Girl’s hip condition worsened and she was unable to walk in her final days.  On the evening of Monday, March 16, 2015, I went to my sister’s house where Pretty Girl was getting ready to go back home to heaven.  It was time to put her to sleep.

As Pretty Girl lay on her side on blankets in the living room floor with the vet and family members around her, Ellie sat on the floor behind her, caressing her and saying her good byes.  I sat on the floor in front of her.  She stared at me as I held her paw until the vet said she was gone.

Later that week on the 19th, after having lunch at home, I cleaned up the dishes and wiped the center island counter.  I had left everything wiped clean and then went outside to mow the yard around 12:30 that afternoon.  Half-way done, the mower stops and I put more gas and try to restart it, but after the third try, I decided to take a break and let it cool off a while.

So I go back inside to the kitchen for some water and a snack.  By then it’s around 3:30. I stand by the island counter and have a few small white powdered donuts.   As I look upon the white powder dust on the island counter, I see a white and brown, thick dog hair right in the center of the island.

My first thoughts, “What is a dog hair doing there and how did it get in here?”  I had just wiped everything clean a few hours earlier and no one was around.  Plus, we don’t have any dogs.  I didn’t think anything else about it so I wiped everything clean again and went out to finish the yard work.

Then I began to wonder if that hair could have belonged to Pretty Girl.  The hair was thick with the same coloring and length as Pretty Girl.  And there was no way the hair fell off my clothes from that Monday since I put my clothes in the clothes hamper when I got home that evening and everything was washed the next day on Tuesday.

So where did it come from?  My only explanation, it must have been Pretty Girl visiting me, and that must have been her way of letting me know she was here.  I have no doubt that was her way of saying, “Hello, I’m here!”

On the afternoon of Sunday, March 22nd at 4:54 , I am writing this story and I’m typing the following “Hello, I’m here!”, I hear a very loud “H-e-l-l-o” coming from the loud speaker of the ice cream truck passing by my house.

Then my daughter Samantha arrives for a visit.   We’re in the kitchen standing by the center island counter and I tell her the story of the dog hair I found on Thursday.  She had a shocking expression on her face and took a step back and said, “You know, I thought it was weird that Ellie gave you a lock of Pretty Girl’s hairs in your birthday card.” (Note:  my birthday was on March 15th, but Ellie and her husband Tim and Samantha made a birthday dinner party on Saturday, March 21st for my husband and I)  I got chills through my body when she said that.  I said, “Samantha, she didn’t give me any dog hairs.”  She insisted, “I saw a lock of Pretty Girl’s hairs inside the birthday card Ellie gave you, and I thought it was pretty weird she would do that.”

I told her the last gift and card I opened was from Pretty Girl, (Ellie usually buys a little gift and card and signs it from Pretty Girl, as if Pretty Girl wrote it and bought it).  It must have been from this card that she saw Pretty Girl’s lock of hairs.

Sometimes Samantha catches a glimpse of things that the rest of us can’t see.  For example, she saw a spirit of a dog at the motor-bank drive-through.

At the time she was working at a motor bank.  As you know, the tellers have speakers with cameras to speak and view the drive-up customers.  It was around nine in the morning of February 10, 2015 and Samantha was processing a man’s account transaction.

As she sent the container back to the man’s vehicle, she looked in the camera monitor and saw a man and a dog who was sitting on the passenger seat.  The dog looked like a big husky with very bright grey eyes.

She said, “Thank you have a nice day.”  As she hung up the mic though, she decided to ask him, if he wanted a treat for his dog since they usually give out treats to children and animals.

She grabs the mic again and asked the man, “Would you like a treat for your dog?”

He looked at her puzzled and said, “I don’t have a dog with me.”

She takes another look, but the dog was gone.  Samantha was embarrassed and confused at the same time that she quickly said, “Oh, okay.  I’m sorry.”

The man then said, “It’s weird that you mention it though, my dog passed away not too long ago.”

I guess dog spirits stay awhile to comfort their owners.

So I believe Samantha was able to see Pretty Girl’s lock of hairs in my birthday card when no one else did.   I believe it was Pretty Girl’s way of saying thank you for holding her paw and comforting her as she passed.


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