The Sand Dollar

SanddollarIt was Sunday, June 30, 2013 and my sister Gracy, my mom and I were walking at the beach in search of seashells and sand dollars.  We were finding a lot of small shells but no sand dollars.  It was a little too late in the afternoon to find any, knowing the morning beach goers already picked up the ones there.

So I looked up to the beautiful blue sky and connected to God and asked him for a sand dollar.  What I mean by connected to God, is that I think of God with a pure heart.  I keep thinking of God until I began to feel a vibration in my heart chakra.  When I feel the vibration, I know I’m connected.

The next thing I see as I’m walking ankle high in water, is a white speck.  I stop and grab it out of the sand and it’s a small whole sand dollar!  I was the only one that found a sand dollar that weekend.

I put the sand dollar in my short pocket to keep it safe, but as I bent down to collect another shell from the sand I crushed it accidentally.   I reached in my pocket and felt little pieces instead of a whole sand dollar.  I was bummed out about it since it was special to me and I wanted to keep it.

After a while, I asked him for another.  But this time I didn’t find anything.  It was getting late and we left the beach.  I thought, “Man, he didn’t give me another one.”

That night though, in a vivid dream, I had a dream that I was at the beach in the water and I found a large, white sand dollar.  It was sparkling, beautiful and bigger than the first one.  I knew it was God giving me another one in spirit.  I’ll treasure it in my mind forever.  I thanked him of course.

Months later, at another beach visit, I did ask for another sand dollar and found the one shown above.

Yes, of course, anyone can go out and buy one.  Sometimes people find many.  But when you can’t find any at the beach and you ask God for one and suddenly you find one, it’s a special moment and a special sand dollar.


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