Signs Of Angels

It was Thursday evening on June 16th of 2016.  My daughter and I are out and about at Barnes & Noble.  I immediately found some new books from the new age section and settled myself at one of the tables to read.

One of the books was “The Power Of Angels” by Joanne Brocas.  I’ve never heard of her before but it was one of those books that just called to me.  The energy felt right.

I came upon chapter three, “Angel Signs and Messages”.  It points out that angels are very happy to leave us signs of their presence.

Then on page one-hundred, it talks about feathers and the different colored feathers that they leave for you and the color meaning which I thought was interesting, but I thought, “What?  They don’t leave colored feathers.  I’ve never seen colored feathers laying around.  That can’t be true!”

Later on my daughter and I decide to share a bagel so I get in line to order a bagel.  There were around four people ahead of me and I’m standing there patiently waiting, when I heard a bang, the sound of a book falling flat on the floor.  That was a familiar sound to me, and it reminded me of years ago around 1992 when I was at a different bookstore; all of a sudden, as I looked down at one of the book aisles, I saw a book fly off the shelf and on to the floor with a loud bang as it hit the floor.

As I stood there in line, I thought, “That’s probably an angel sign.”  I turned to look where the sound came from and saw a book on the floor.  No one was around it, it just fell to the floor.  A woman came and walked right passed it and didn’t even notice it on the floor.  “That had to be a sign.”

Then later around 9:45 pm, my daughter was going to get a take-home latte for her husband and I offered to get it for her since she was finishing up a chapter and it was getting late.

I get in line again and this time there is a couple, around mid-twenties, placing an order.  I began thinking about the book that fell and it being a sign.  Then pondering about what I read on the colored feathers that the angels supposedly leave behind, and again thinking, “Who finds colored feathers laying around?  That can’t be true.”

As I looked upon the couple in front of me, I was stunned by what I saw.  The man was wearing a black top hat with a big beautiful blue feather!  Holy cow!  Wow, I could really feel the angels around now.  The couple weren’t dressed up as if they were going anywhere special, the man was wearing causal clothing, jeans with a white tee-shirt and a black top hat which I thought was very peculiar.  I knew without any doubt, that was a sign from my angel and so was the fallen book.  I stood there in wonder just staring at the beautiful blue feather.  The guy probably thought I was weird.  Man, I should have taken a picture of him.

This is the meaning of blue feathers from Joanne Brocas book. “The intuitive message of blue feather is directly related to your creative expression.  There is a need for you to align your will with the will of God so that you can discover a greater level of joy and happiness in your life.  When you surrender your life to God, you will be used as a channel to represent and communicate God’s love in the world through your own form of creative self-expression.  It is time to make greater use of your creative gifts and talents, which can be of service to others and to the world.  The angels want to bring your awareness to acknowledge and live the truth of your heart over the fears of your head so that you can expand your spiritual potential.  When you learn to live your truth you begin to spiritually mature, and you will do unto others as you would have others do unto you.  Do you…..

As we walked towards the exit doors, I was contemplating on what I had also read, that sometimes angels take on human form and some people entertain angels without knowing they are.   I thought, “Well, that would be nice to see an angel.”

As my daughter opened the exit door, I followed behind her, and there was a young adult man leaning against the outside pillar.  He wore blue jeans with a red muscle shirt and had a clean haircut.  He was slim with dark hair and beautiful dark eyes.  He asked my daughter something, but I didn’t hear what he said, I just heard her say “No.”  Then he asked me in a very courteous manner and soft tone, “Ma’am, may I please ask you for a dollar.  I need a dollar for a bed at the shelter.”  My first thoughts, “This guy might be an angel.”  I mean, who hangs out outside Barnes & Noble late at night at closing time asking for a dollar to get a bed at the shelter?  Aren’t all the beds taken by then?  The way he looked at me with his piercing eyes.  I didn’t feel any bad vibes from him and I wasn’t scared of him, so I gave him a five and he was very grateful.  I figured after the fallen book and the blue feather, he could’ve been an angel.  Yep probably was.  Things do come in threes.  The fallen book, the blue feather and the angel taking human form.

The angels were out tonight.  It was an eventful night!




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