Signs From Heaven – Number 21

This true story relates to the “The Gift of Myrrh and Frankincense” story which you can find posted here in the blog and is also published in the book, “Holy Miracles, True Short-Stories of God’s Amazing Miracles.”  Be sure to read that story first before you continue with this story if you haven’t already.

So now you already know that back in December 21, 2012, I bought Jesus Christ a Christmas gift of myrrh and frankincense and placed it by the Christmas tree.  Later that same afternoon I took a photograph of the Christmas tree with all the gifts and I noticed a large white orb in the photograph which I believe to be Jesus Christ.

Now, back to this true story, “Signs from Heaven – Number 21”.

It was early in the month of December of 2014, I was trying to get all my Christmas shopping done early.  I also purchased the gift of myrrh and frankincense early on-line on the 8th of December.

Even though I received the myrrh and frankincense early, I wanted to wait until December 21st to place it in the two crystal bowls I had.  I had one bowl for Jesus and one for God that I had bought this year.  As you know, December 21st has a great significance to me.  That is the day I photographed the beautiful white orb in my living room which I believe it to be Jesus Christ.  That is why I wait for the 21st to present the gift of myrrh and frankincense to Jesus and God.

That early Sunday morning, on December 21st, I opened the bag of myrrh and frankincense and filled the two crystal bowls and placed them on top of the shelf by the Christmas tree.  I walked away from the bowls and sent my thoughts of the gifts up to heaven.  Afterwards I thought, why not take a picture like I did that year, and see if anything comes up.  So I photographed the area four times but nothing came out.  I really wasn’t expecting to see anything since I knew that God and Jesus work in their own ways and time.  They decide when and where.  I had just decided to take the photographs just in case.  Plus, I hadn’t even asked for a sign or anything, so it was all good.

That same morning around 10:15, I left to pick up my daughter Samantha at her house.  My sister Ellie had invited us to attend Pastor Houston’s church service at 11:00.  The Pastor is a friend of hers from her workplace that opened up a new small Church, so we all wanted to go try it out.

We arrived at the Church ten minutes early and find just a few people there.  My daughter told me there and then that the service was actually to start at 11:15 but Ellie was telling everyone 11:00.  So we were very early.

The Pastor arrived late and then he began setting up two cameras to record their special Christmas service they were having, so the service actually started much later than 11:15.

Finally, Pastor Houston began his service.   As I listened to him speak, something he said caught my attention.  I began wondering if this was God’s when and where?  I sensed something was out of the norm here.  What caught my attention was the Pastor mentioning that his birthday was on January 21st, and because his birthday was 1-21, he was going to read the scripture from the Bible 1-21.  I don’t remember what he read, because all I could think of was the sign of the number 21 that stood out to me loud and clear.  The Pastor then told everyone to use their own birthday numbers and read that scripture number from the Bible.

At first I was thinking it’s just a coincidence for him to bring up the number 21.  But then towards the end of the service as they passed around the offering plate, I looked in my wallet to count how much money I had to give, and lo and behold, I had $21.00 in my wallet.  I thought, “Oh wow, are these signs from God or is this just another coincidence?” I grabbed the $21.00 and folded it together and placed it in the offering plate.

Afterwards, as my daughter and I walked to my car in the parking lot, I told her of the number 21 signs I received during the Church service.   She too, thought they were signs from Heaven.

As we’re putting on our seat belts to leave, she points to the car’s dashboard with astonishment and excitedly blurted out, “Oh look at the time, it’s 1:21.”  I looked at the time and it was 1:21!  She said, “Oh wow, they’re signs from Heaven!”  I thought, “Most definitely.”  I was on cloud nine all day.

I didn’t get another orb photograph this year, but I clearly and infallibly received signs from Heaven.  Amazing!

Oh my goodness! Seriously! I didn’t realize this until just now as I am about to post this story that I just now finished editing.  I looked at my desk calendar and I realized that today is January 21st.  Plus the time I am posting is exactly 1:21 in the afternoon!  I honestly did not plan this.  I did not plan to finish this story today on 1-21-15 nor did I plan on finishing at 1:21 p.m.  What can I say?  Wow!!!


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