Protection From Mischievous Spirits

tree1nightWhether you believe it or not, spirits live among us.  I know because I have seen them. They are in homes, office buildings and public spaces.  It’s as if their spiritual dimension and our physical dimension are occupying the same space.  People sometimes catch a glimpse of their spirit world.

Have you ever seen a ghost walk through a wall where there is no door?   They’re actually walking in to their door.  A door you can’t see.

I have seen a glimpse of their dimension.   Years ago as I walked on a long hallway back to my office where I worked at the time, I happened to see a spiritual doorway on the middle of the wall to my left that led to a hallway.  Their dimension had like a soft misty pretty yellowish tint throughout.  Our physical door was on the far right side of the wall, where their door was right in the middle.  It vanished after a few seconds.

There are many times when spirits come into our dimension.  I’ve seen them in different forms:  full-body form, like normal people, orbs, shadows, silhouettes and outlines.  I’ve seen orbs come in and out my window with my physical eyes.

The thing is, you don’t know if those spirits that are crossing over to your space are good or bad.  I really don’t mind them coming in to my home, as long as they stay to themselves and leave me alone.

There was one time while in bed at night, I felt someone touch the side of my nose with their finger.  I looked around and saw no one.  I wasn’t dreaming.  I had my eyes closed trying to go to sleep.

Plus, on two different nights, while in bed, I raised the sheet up to fix it, and under the sheet, I saw a small white round orb.  It wasn’t static.  I know what static looks like since I see it many times on my sheets and pillow.  Static is pointy looking where an orb is round.

Then, on three separate occasions while in bed, a spirit pulled at my blanket below my feet.  After the third time, I angrily sat up in bed and yelled out, “What do you want?  Who are you?”  In that instant, in my mind’s eye, I saw a tall thin man standing at the door with an open robe, white tee-shirt and red dotted boxer shorts facing me.  For some reason I wasn’t able to see he’s face.  I was only able to see from he’s neck down.  I had no idea who he was or what he wanted.

But any way, that gave me a fright.  From that night on, I’ve asked Archangel Michael to protect me while I sleep.  I say the following every night.

Archangel Michael above me, Archangel Michael below me, Archangel Michael in front of me, Archangel Michael behind me, Archangel Michael to my left, Archangel Michael to my right, Archangel Michael all around me.  Protect me Archangel Michael while I sleep and protect all my family members. Thank you Archangel Michael.

Or if I’m too tired, I just say, “Archangel Michael all around me, protect me while I sleep.  Thank you.”

After saying it, I can feel the atmosphere or energy around me having a different feel to it.   I feel safe and protected at night.  I’ve never seen the spirit again nor the orb under my sheets.  So far, I haven’t felt anyone pull at my sheets.

I believe children and adults should say the prayer, because we don’t know what goes on at night while we are sleeping.




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