Traveling With The Invisible Shield Of Protection


On family vacation trips, I like bringing with us the Invisible Shield of Protection, which is, inviting God, the Lord Jesus Christ and his angels to join us.   I like having that sense of extra protection because the open road is filled with the unexpected and unknowns.

Back in September, 2015, my family and I flew to Las Vegas for a night and then took a road trip to Southern Utah on a rental car.  We planned to visit all the National Parks or what we had time for.  Our first stop was Zion National Park.  I had been checking on the weather days before our trip and had heard about rain heading to the Southern part of Utah, but I figured it’ll be okay, we can wear raincoats and still sightsee.

The day before arriving at Zion National Park, we began to get texts from concerned friends and family members asking, “Are you okay?  We heard about the flooding at Zion!”  At the time, we had no idea what had happened.  They heard in the news of the flooding near Zion that drowned a number of hikers.

I remember my daughter saying, “That could’ve been us.”  I didn’t want to scare her so I brushed it off saying, “No, that was too far south.”  But as I thought about it, I had planned it just right by having us arrive when we did.  Plus, I had thought of going to the Narrows, which I think that’s where the hikers ran into trouble, but I decided against it because I felt it was a little too dangerous.

Fortunately, by the time we arrived at Zion National Park, the skies had cleared and the weather was great.

After sightseeing Zion and Bryce we headed to the distant Goblin Valley.  We were traveling on a long, lonely stretch of road between Hanksville and Green River.  No one else was driving on the road for the exception of one white car ahead of us.

From my passenger seat, I was enjoying the view of the tranquil distant mountains through my right window, but when I turned to look ahead at the white car before us, my mind quickly tried to grasp what I was seeing before me.

In disbelief, I saw a large deer twirling up in the air until it fell on the pavement and slid on his stomach on the road towards our car.  The white car ahead of us hit a deer!  I saw the poor deer’s eyes looking at our car, probably thinking he’s going to get hit again, but my husband stopped in time.  The deer somehow managed to get up with his wobbly legs and walked back into the bushes.  I wished there was something we could have done for the poor deer, but we didn’t think he had much time to live since he was hit on his chest area.  Plus, we had no cell phone service in that area to get help.

We checked to see if the people in the white car were okay.  They were an elderly French couple, a little shaken but okay.  We weren’t able to communicate very well since they spoke French.  But we managed to communicate to them that we would follow them to the next town.

Small parts of their car’s front-end went flying everywhere as they took off.  I remember my daughter saying, “You know, that could’ve been us.”  I said, “Yep, it could’ve been.”   We were the only two cars on that long road and a deer comes out of no-where and gets hit by the other car.  I sensed we had been protected.

Upon arriving at the next small town, the couple stopped at a hotel to get help and we continued our trip to the Goblin Valley.

After Goblin Valley our next stop was Moab.  Once we arrived at Interstate 70, we were able to get phone service so we began calling hotels in Moab for room reservations.  Moab was our last hotel stay for sightseeing at the Canyonlands and the Arches.  Unfortunately, everyone in the world decided to vacation at Utah the same time we did and all the hotels were booked.

My daughter, my son-in-law and I were on our phones calling different hotels at the same time.  Finally, my daughter was able to get reservations for two rooms at Green River.  I wanted a hotel at Moab but we took what we could find.  The woman at the hotel told her that she was in luck because they had just received two cancellations and all the hotels in the area were booked solid for the night.  My son-in-law was able to find another hotel in Moab for the following night.  We were relieved!

At the Green River hotel, I was surprised as I opened the door to our room.  It was a suite!  A very beautiful and large room with a Jacuzzi, white fluffy bedding and a small living area.  Wow! I had no idea we were getting a suite.  It was so beautiful, I didn’t want to leave the room.  We stayed for the night and headed to Moab early in the morning.

After sightseeing the Canyonlands and the Arches we were checking in at the lobby of the Moab hotel for the night, when a woman rushes in asking the clerk if she had any rooms available.  Unfortunately, the clerk said, “Sorry, everyone in the area is booked solid.”  I felt so bad for the woman for she looked stressed and worried.  I wondered how far she would have to go to find a room.  We were so lucky to get our rooms when we did.  I thought, “That could’ve been us.”

So that’s why I bring my Invisible Shield of Protection. My little secret.

Thank you God, Lord Jesus Christ and the Angels for a wonderful and safe trip!

FYI…All the National Parks in Utah were magnificent, but I have to admit that the one place that really stood out and took my breath away was the Mesa Arch at Island in the Sky in Canyonlands National Park.  We arrived in the evening and my first impression and thoughts were, “W-O-W, this place feels holy.”  I felt honored to be there.  I wish we had spent more time here just sitting quietly and soaking in the view and prana.  It was breath-taking and mesmerizing!  There was something unique and holy about this place. The energy was amazing!






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