Into The Twilight Zone Of Heaven

dsc01962Around 4:30 in the morning on Saturday, October 29, 2016, I was lying in bed wide awake, so I decided to get up and brew a few cups of coffee.  I filled the coffee maker with water for two cups of coffee and placed my cold cup on top of the coffee maker to warm it up as the coffee brewed.

When the coffee was done, I was about to serve myself coffee, but stopped as I remembered that today was the Sabbath Day.  I used to invite God for a cup of coffee on Sunday mornings but I switched it to Saturday mornings, due to research pointing to the Sabbath Day beginning after sunset on Fridays and ending after sunset on Saturdays.

So at that moment, with all my heart and mind I sent out an invite to God and his son, the Lord Jesus Christ to join me for a cup of coffee.  I grabbed two other cups, served the coffee and placed the two coffee-filled cups on the dining room table.

I then brewed two more cups of coffee for myself and went to open the dining room mini-blinds to let in the natural twilight and lit up the three-wick candle to give more light to the darken room.  I then served myself a cup of coffee and turned off the kitchen light.  I walked over to the dining room and sat in my chair with my cup.

Before taking a sip of coffee though, I decided to make a quick trip to the bathroom before getting comfortable in my chair.

Afterwards, I made my way back in the dark, and as I stepped into the dining room, I was filled with wonder as I noticed the energy in the dining room was different.  I felt like I had walked into the twilight zone.  A sacred, loving, mystical twilight zone of heaven.  I stood there for a moment soaking it all in.  It was as if the air in the room itself was invigorating and alive.  I could sense the excitement in the air as it surrounded me.  For a moment, the room was filled with tiny sparkles of white light floating in the air.  I felt little tingling sensations as the sparkles brushed against my bare arms as I made my way to my chair.

Surprisingly, the tables were turned.  I had been the one that had invited God and Jesus into my home, but when I walked in to the dining room, it felt like I was the one who was being invited to their glorious, holy space.  Amazing!

Just imagine how excited and special you would feel if you were invited over for dinner by the President or your favorite artist. That’s how I felt but times a thousand or a million.  I mean, this is God the Almighty and his son.  I felt honored that I had been invited.  Wow!

I excitedly sat down and felt as if I was in heaven sitting at the table of God.  Of course, I didn’t see anybody, and the area was still the dining room, but the energy of the Holy Spirit were there.  The vibes of holiness were there.

It was beyond amazing, sitting at the dining room table with God and Jesus Christ in the stillness of the morning twilight having a cup of coffee on the Sabbath Day.

After a while though, my mind began creeping in the reminders of having to get ready for the day and the places I needed to be, and in doing so, the amazing, loving energy began to fade away until the energy of the room was back to normal again.  I then realized that the sun was out.  Thinking where did the time go?  It all seemed to happen in a flash.

What a way to start the day!

Try it yourself on an early Saturday morning when everyone else is sleeping.  Invite God and Jesus over for a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you choose to drink.  Be sure to be sincere and ask with a loving heart.  It’s never too late to start a relationship with God and Jesus Christ.  It’s the most loving and miraculous relationship you’ll ever have.

It might just happen to you.  If it doesn’t happen right away, keep trying and build your relationship.


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