An Angel’s Wing In The Clouds

This happened about three years ago, but it’s still vivid in my mind.  It’s unforgettable!

Around the evening hours, my daughter and I were returning home from an out-of-town trip.  We were cruising between towns on a long stretch of road that had nothing around but a house here and there.  So if we were to have a flat, we were on our own, besides the cars zooming by.

As I’m cloud gazing out my passenger window to the west, I could see tints of the sunset colors peeking through the numerous white cumulus clouds passing by slowly, always in motion and always changing form.

We were listening to music and having small talk, when she alerted me that the Tire Pressure Senor light came on from the dashboard.  Right away I looked around and noticed we were not in a good area to stop and check the tires.  The cars were going too fast and there was no place to stop.   It was too dangerous.

We were about thirty minutes away from the next town and we both were getting nervous about getting caught in the dark with a flat tire.   Unsure of the tire condition, I reassured her that we were good and to focus on her driving and keep going.

Worried, I looked up to the cloud filled sky and asked God for help in getting us to the next town.  A few minutes go by and I again look to the sky to ask for help, when something caught my eye.  I noticed a small section of clouds that looked like small delicate white feathers.  I thought, “Wow, that’s strange, they look just like little feathers!”

As I moved my focal point more to the right, I saw bigger white feathers.  I then looked all the way to the right and saw the end-tips of beautiful large white feathers.  As my mind was grasping to the idea that it looked like a huge white wing, I blurted out to my daughter, “Hey! That looks like a wing!” I looked all the way to the left side of my window and saw the rounded shoulder-bend part of the wing.  My mind was finally embracing what was before me.  It was the inside of a huge, beautiful Angel wing!  I excitedly said, “Look at the huge wing in the clouds!”  My daughter gave me this look like, I’m driving.  I can’t look.

The wing was meticulously made in perfect detail.  On the far left side of the sky was the rounded shoulder-bend.  In the middle part were the inside small axillary feathers, the lesser under wing-coverts and the greater under wing-coverts.  Then at the far right end were the longest primary feathers.

I wanted to take a picture so badly, but I didn’t have a camera with me.  I’m embarrassed to say, I had an old cell phone with no capabilities of photo taking.

I was in awe of this breath-taking view.  It was an Angel’s Wing made out of white puffy clouds.  I knew that was God’s way of telling me that we would be okay.

I kept my eyes on the giant wing for a long while.  Clouds are usually constantly moving, but for those thirty minutes, they were still. I wondered if other people in the cars passing by saw it, since it was in plain sight.

We finally arrived to the next town as darkness was falling upon us and we checked the tires.  They looked fine but we added more air just in case and made it home safe.  I no longer could see the wing as the sky was darker.  What a beautiful miracle!  Thank you, God.


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