The Little Nail At Church

01On Easter Sunday of 2008, I walk into a packed Church service at my neighborhood Church.  People were standing by the side and back walls of the Church.  As I made my way to the back wall of the Church in hopes of spotting an empty chair, a man comes to me and tells me to follow him, that there are two empty chairs at the front.  He walked me to the empty chairs and I thanked him.  Before sitting down though, I noticed something on the chair.  I picked it up and saw that it was a tiny brown nail.  I sat there analyzing the little unusual nail.  I’ve never seen this type of nail before.  I questioned, “What is a nail doing here on the chair?”  Of all the chairs in the Church, it happened to be on the chair I came to sit on. I tossed the incident aside and threw the nail on the floor.

Later on in the service, the choir began singing different songs.  However, one particular song caught my attention.  It was a song about the nails Jesus took for us.  They repeatedly sang the verse, “Jesus took the nails for me.”  I was filled with an overpowering surprise as I listened to the repeating verse, that I picked up the little nail and kept it in my hand.  I wondered, “Is God or Jesus trying to tell me something?  Is this just a coincidence or is this a message from Heaven?”  I even thought it might be a joke so I looked around the congregation behind me, but no one was laughing.

I was shaken a bit as I sat there receiving this tremendous message.  The message, that Jesus Christ took the nails and died on the cross for all of us.

I still have the little nail tucked away.  I later found out that it was a carpet tack used to secure carpet. I also noticed that the office is the only area in the Church that has carpet.

Many questions went through my mind.  Why did the man offer me the chair out of all the people standing against the side and back walls?  He came directly to me.  Why, out of all the chairs in the Church was there a nail on the chair I was escorted too?  And why throughout the whole service, did the two empty chairs next to me stay empty when it was a packed Church service?  Were those two chairs already taken by angels?  Maybe people saw the chairs taken whereas I saw them empty.  Possibility.  I wouldn’t be surprised, I mean I’ve seen and experienced many, many things throughout my life.

So to answer all my questions, I believe this was meant to be a message to us all.

Per the verse, “Jesus took the nails for me.”


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