Noisy Spirits In The Night

Nights are usually pretty quiet in our house, for the exception of the familiar noises from the refrigerator, air conditioner, cars passing by and a few birds singing in the night.

It was around two in the morning of July 12, 2014 and my husband was sound asleep.  I on the other hand, was having trouble falling asleep, due to too much caffeine in the late afternoon.

As I lay in bed, I began hearing noises in the living room.  I heard a few loud bangs, the sound of the wood floor creaking as of people were walking on the floor and among other indescribable noises.  At first, I listened carefully studying the sounds.  I knew right away it wasn’t a break-in.  No sound of glass breaking from the windows or the sound of doors opening.  The sounds were from inside the house and in the living room.  I knew and my gut knew they were spirits.

The spirits came to visit and were hanging out in the living room making a loud racket.   I didn’t want to get up and go to the living room.  It’s not that I was afraid.  I was tired and I knew they wouldn’t flat out talk to me.  I figured they were here to warn me about something, but whatever it was could wait until morning so I tried to ignore them.

Then I began hearing unusual noises in the bedroom along with the floor creaking close to where I lay.  I sat up to look and didn’t see anything but I sure could feel someone there.  I lay back in bed and was determined to go to sleep.  Finally, the noises were gone and so were the spirits.  I didn’t feel them or hear them around any longer.

It was now around one in the afternoon, and I happened to walk close by the air conditioner closet and faintly heard a drop of water and then another and another.  I thought, “Oh shit!”  I realized the air conditioner was leaking.  It had leaked twice before a few years ago and in both occasions had damaged our flooring in the front bedroom.  We currently had new wood lament flooring installed and if the water reached the bedroom floor, it would be ruined.

I quickly open the closet door and saw that the wood cabinet was soaked.  I open the bottom vent and saw a large spot of water, but luckily it hadn’t reached the wall of the bedroom, so the floor was okay.  I run to grab a large bowl from the kitchen to collect the drops of water.  My husband cleared the drain pipe.  Apparently, every three months or so, we need to pour a little Clorox down the pipe to keep the pipe clean but we had forgotten.

Later I thought about the loud spirits that night.  They were probably trying to warn me about it and I ignored them.  If I had listened and gotten up from bed to explore the situation, I might have heard those drops early and things wouldn’t have gotten so wet.  But we did find the leak in time.


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