My Sister’s Visit

This sweet experience happened on August 6th, the day of my older sister’s birthday, Blanca.  She went back home to heaven in 2002.  For the past two years that I have noticed, there have been signs of her visiting me on her birthday.  I’ve already written a story on her visit for last year’s birthday. Look for “My Sister’s Birthday” story.

On the early morning of August 6, I am in bed waking up, when suddenly, I sense someone’s excitement next to me and feel someone’s hands shaking my head wanting me to wake up.  At first I thought it was my husband that was shaking my head to wake up.  But as I open my eyes, I saw no one.  My first thoughts, “It’s Blanca!  It’s Blanca’s birthday today.”

I told her Happy Birthday and lit a white candle for her.

I look forward to her birthday next year.



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